Executive board at  Your Body. Your Choice. Our Jokes.

Executive board at Your Body. Your Choice. Our Jokes.


Abby Rinderle


Abby is a fourth-year studying Public Health and Geography. She founded SASHA back in November of 2017 after seeing the need at OSU and learning about the Sex Week movement occurring across the United States. Abby is planning to go to graduate school to study epidemiology, specifically the diseases of maternal and child health.

When she is not writing frigid third-person bios of herself, she can be found futilely fighting for her cat’s affection, admiring Frida Kahlo’s art, or exploring the burgeoning vegan fare in Columbus.

Elaine Louden

Vice President

Elaine is a fourth-year studying Public Health and Spanish. She decided to join SASHA and the Sex Week Movement because she wants to change the narrative of Sex Ed on college campuses. She was shocked when a research project taught her that very few of her peers at OSU received factual and scientific Sex Ed growing up and even fewer used condoms or received recommended testing. Elaine intends on attending graduate school to study Health Policy and International Development. 

While taking a break from her studies, you can find her planning her next backpacking trip, curling up with a warm cup of coffee and anything from Oprah's Book Club, or baking some sort of dessert

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Abby Nutter


Abby is a fourth year studying Political Science with minors in Economics, History, and Legal Foundations of Society. She's tailored her studies to focus on gender inequity, which inspired her interest in both SASHA and the Sex Week Movement. She believes that requiring medically accurate and relatable sexual health education is an important component of working towards gender equality in our country.

When she's not rattling off her mouthful of minors to people, Abby enjoys listening to true crime podcasts, consuming plenty of pastries and obsessively checking in on political current events.

brooke beeler


Brooke is a Senior studying Neuroscience and Spanish here at Ohio State. She plans to join the healthcare field after finishing her education, and she is passionate about equitable and comprehensive access to care. These interests led Brooke to get involved with SASHA as a way to help provide much needed sex education to OSU students. 


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Isabella Niemeyer


Isabella is a fourth-year studying Geography, French, and International Relations. After experiencing a distinct lack of comprehensive and inclusive sex education in school, she joined SASHA to combat this issue in her collegiate community. Isabella hopes to attend graduate school to study Geography, with specializations in city-building and international urbanization.  

When she’s not in the library, you can probably find Isabella looking for cheap plane tickets, drinking overpriced coffee, and searching for the perfect red lip.

Emma King

Head of Reproductive Rights Committee

Emma is a third year studying Psychology and Political Science, with a minor in Bioethics. After graduation she hopes to become a lawyer -- working to ensure equal, inclusive reproductive rights policy nationwide. Emma believes everyone should have access to comprehensive sex education, which is why she decided to join SASHA.

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Katie Hines

Head of LGBTQIA+ Committee

Katie is a second year studying Fine Arts with an emphasis on Photography. After firsthand experience with the public-school education system failing to inform students about LGBTQIA+ sex education, Katie was inspired to join SASHA as an outlet to educate a broader audience on this wonderful information. In her free time, you can catch her downtown taking photos, attending a drag queen performance, or spending time in her 1999 Dodge Ram Van.

John Niehaus

Head of Foundations Committee

John is a first year student studying English Education on the Pre-Law track. Right now, he hopes to be a high school english teacher. By joining SASHA, he is able to combine education with sexual awareness, two things that he is passionate about. If you have any questions about Sex Week, or what your next book should be, he is the perfect guy to ask!



Hadas Marcus

Head of Pleasure Committee

Hadas Marcus is a third year Public Health student planning to work in nonprofit sexual health education with a focus on violence prevention. She joined SASHA after deciding that she had a long list of jokes she wanted to see on Sex Week posters. When she’s not at SASHA you can find her giving presentations for OSU’s Relationship Education and Violence Prevention department, canvassing with Unite for Reproductive and Gender Equity, and trying to perfect her chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Morgan Bumgarner

Head of Healthy Masculinity Committee

Morgan is a first-year student majoring in psychology. As an aspiring clinical psychologist and wellness aficionado, they see SASHA as an exciting opportunity to help others feel more comfortable with their bodies and emotions. They have been inspired to head the Healthy Masculinity committee during their process of coming out as nonbinary, and they hope to help people of all identities learn to recognize and reject toxic masculinity.

Outside of SASHA, Morgan can probably be found reading classic literature over a cup of tea, playing the bass guitar, or engaging in intense birdwatching.



Emma Cline

Head of Marketing

Emma is a fourth year studying Strategic Communication with a minor in Music, Media, and Enterprise. She decided to join SASHA after going on a Buck-I-SERV trip that revolved around sexual health and HIV prevention. When she’s not helping to plan sex week you can find her planning her next vacation, looking at pictures of pugs, or buying concert tickets.