Sex Ed à la SASHA

Want a quick little refresher on sex ed for yourself, your residents, or fellow classmates? You’ve come to the right place. SASHA Peer Educators have all been trained on topics like STIs, consent, and contraception through online courses via the CDC and University of Washington. Of course, it helps that we are also college students and have a handle on how things go down in college.

If you are interested in having us present for you or a group that you’re in, just fill out the form below! We can customize our presentation to fit your specific interests and time limit.

Now considering we should have gotten this education in high school (maybe you did, we don’t know), we firmly believe that this information should be free and available to everyone. For that reason, we do not charge anything for Sex Ed á la SASHA. That being said, if you felt so moved as to donate to SASHA’s Sex Week fund, we wouldn’t complain.

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