Welcome to sex week!

we’re glad you came.


We missed a lot in high school—socially, biologically, and scientifically. That is why Ohio State is creating a judgment-free, inclusive, relatable space for our community to explore the sides of sexual health that they never really learned. That is why Sex Week is here.



Student advocates for sexual health awareness

Are you looking for the awesome student org that plans, markets, and directs Sex Week? Look no further. Check out the link to read our mission, meet our executive board, see our meeting info, and apply to join!

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Sex week at osu

Looking for general info on Sex Week at OSU? We gotcha. Click on the link below to check out our mission, read some FAQs, and see who we work with.

Sex Week 2019

Thanks to sylvrind photography for capturing our events—Sex Week was well documented! This is just a sample of the pics, so feel free to check out the rest of ‘em.