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Everything you never learned in high school.

Wait, I didn’t learn everything in high school? You’re telling me that P-in-V isn’t the only kind of sex? Hold up, most STIs don’t actually show dramatic symptoms like the ones in the pictures? And what is it with this “consent is like tea” simile?


We missed a lot in high school. That is why Ohio State is creating a judgment-free, inclusive, relatable space for our community to explore the sides of sexual health that they never really learned. That is why Sex Week is here.


Sex Week 2019

Thanks to sylvrind photography for capturing our events—Sex Week was well documented! This is just a sample of the pics, so feel free to check out the rest of ‘em.

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Watcha got?

Sex Week 2019 may be over, but we’ll be back next year! Check out our past events to get an idea of what’s up.

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