Some Quick Stats

We’d qualify the first-ever Sex Week at OSU as a major success. Now, we’re quantitative people, so we collected data to back up our claim. I could go into the statistical methods used, but frankly, it’s way less exciting than Sex Week.

  • We had 569 attendees in our first year. Seriously. Complete coincidence.

  • Of the attendees who filled out our survey (n=244), only 23% described their previous sex education as “comprehensive.” That means the rest fell into the categories of “abstinence-only,” “abstinence-based,” or “no formal sex education.”

  • Our most well-attended event was “Not Your High School Sex Ed” on the second day of Sex Week.

word on the street

Students need Sex Week. But don’t take our word for it. Check out these real comments from Sex Week 2019.

Sex Week is great. I’ve never had sex ed and was pretty much self-educated. I’ve learned a lot about things I never thought to ask.

Having a session on fighting abortion stigma that utilized inclusive language & focused on personal autonomy was refreshing. The speaker was incredible & welcomed respectful disagreements. Thank you SASHA for empowering me to be an ally!

Y’all f***ing rock :)

KEEP. SEX. WEEK. When we stop having to discuss the profound damages of the lack of sex ed/discussions on sex, we can stop having Sex Week (aka no time soon).

I was raised in a family who shamed desire & didn’t discuss sex. My sex education was abstinence-based. I was raised to be ashamed of my body & fearful of my thoughts. Events like Sex Week have not only provided an educational understanding of sex to me, but have made me realize that how I’ve felt growing up was wrong and that safe sex is normal.

You’re all so wonderful, keep fighting the good fight!!